Americana, Blues, Classic Rock, Soul, Originals and much more!

Bread & Gravy is an extremely versatile, high-energy, passionate, fun-loving & easy going band based out of the Pacific Northwest in Washington State that plays as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet and sometimes even more than that depending on the type of venue or show! They are not only versatile in music styles, they are also known for their ability to adapt to who and where they are playing by selecting specific music styles and band size that are most fitting for the venue or event. Jokes flow... There is dancing, laughing and some good, good comfort music for your soul...

Voted 2nd for "Best Live Performance Group" in "Best on the Peninsula" in the Peninsula Daily News in 2017!


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Stephanie Doenges' (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, ukulele) dynamic performance is raw, powerful, sweet and soulful with influences from her Southern upbringing and Pacific Northwest heart. She has studied music since she was a child and has performed with various local bands on the Peninsula including Restless, Rollin' Waters, The CornStalks, Deadwood Revival and "Luck of the Draw". Stephanie won 1st place in Sequim's Pass the Mic Competition in 2008.

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Jess Doenges (piano, harmonica) is a well-traveled New Yorker who has played and taught piano on the Peninsula for a decade. He co-hosted and MC'd one of the most popular open mics on the Peninsula. (The Buzz, in Sequim). Jess is a self taught musician, Spoken Word performer (including 2005 Louisiana State Finalist), and songwriter who is well known for keeping audiences in stitches with his gift of gab and clever jokes.

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Angela Clift (vocals) has an amazing super power; the ability to sing harmony with almost anyone in any style. She is a popular sit-in harmony singer for many musicians. She has been singing most of her life and has performed in a myriad of settings, from the back porch to Southern & contemporary church settings, weddings, funerals, big stages and street corners from Oklahoma to Washington. She compliments the singers she accompanies with her angelic yet powerful voice and her quick wit lifts the vibe at every show.

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Jason Taylor (bass, back up vocals) is a dog-loving local bass player who has played in many parts of the world, as well as on many albums as a professional session player. His versatility parallels his talent, so he is that unique performer who can play with anyone, and any type of music. His knowledge adds so much value to the group, that his sense of humor is easily tolerated.

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Jerry Gilleland is a veteran drummer of more than 40 years. He has a background in Jazz and Blues in the Seattle music scene as well as other parts of Washington. He currently performs with "Billy Corvette & The Smashers", "Chantilly Lace", and "Professor". He taught the percussion program at Port Angeles High School from 1983-1987. Jerry is very active in keeping local live music alive and plays almost every week at the much loved "Dam Bar Blues Jam". His band mates often refer to him as "The Rock", as he has an unshakable talent at keeping time.

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Owen Blake is a multi-faceted drummer/musician/producer/DJ who is probably best-known on the peninsula as his DJ alter-ego: OB1. He is a star in his own right, and is currently the resident DJ at 7 Cedars Casino. His pitch-perfect ear and natural instincts are immeasurable assets for recording and performances. Coupling those skills, with his experience as a metal drummer, adds a fascinating dynamic to the group..."OB1!"

"Bread and Gravy seamlessly weaves their way between genres, styles, and tempo. They pull their audience to them with an easy style and riveting vocals that alternately relaxes and excites the listener. They seem to make people happy. And, I can't think of a bigger compliment than that."

(quote offered by one of the band's mothers)

Bread and Gravy is a husband-and-wife based band located in beautiful Washington State. Formed in late 2014, but having played together for years, they quickly garnered local attention and fans as a duo and then expanded to a larger band and a wider audience in venues and stages across Northwest Washington. Centered around riveting vocals and fluid harmonies, they alternate between influences such as powerful rock and soulful blues on one end, to the more relaxing styles of smooth Bluegrass and traditional Americana on the other end. Dynamically diverse and intricately woven, their music and poetry captures the rarest of dichotomies:

Raw and Refined.

For a quote or booking, call: (360) 477 - 3967 or email: breadandgravymusic@aol.com